Designed for independent work, each child will encounter a stimulating environment filled with love and warmth. All rooms are equipped with child size chairs and tables. All shelves at a low level as well, perfect for any child to access with ease.

30 years of systematic unique style of Teaching Experience

Providing students a healthy and inviting learning environment where they are protected from physical and emotional harm is central to the mission of school. Our School is not just places with advanced security procedures. It is also a places that help students develop assists and allow them to succeed even in difficult circumstances. Our schools encourage healthy behaviors that help students learn about fitness, nutrition, and healthy choices.


Class Rooms

Designed for independent work, the room is equipped with chairs, tables and shelves – all child-size. Low shelves around the room contain didactic materials which the child may work with. The teaching materials also are designed for independent use, each piece of apparatus isolates a particular problem and is self-corrective, Since movement is intimately connected with learning, many activities engage the child’s large and small muscles, as well as his senses and his mind. Many materials are used on mats on the floor.



Play Ground