About Us

About Our School

Since 1988, The Montessori Academy (toddler, pre-primary, kindergarten) is an educational institution owned and operated by Niranjala Bibile, dedicated to the goal of providing excellence in education in philosophy for the individual child – a great tool for the natural process of human development.

The school is for preschool children of all races and creeds from 24 months (2 years) through kindergaten level.

Classes meet five days a week from September through June, and a full summer program in July and August.

The school has no religious affiliation.

Founder of this educational method is Dr. Maria Montessori, an internationally acclaimed physician-educator, who discovered that simple but exact educational material provoked in the young child a deep interest and attention not previously believed possible.


What is Montessori
The structure of montessori learning involves the use of a wide range of teaching materials with which the child may work individually. At every step of his learning the apparatus isolates a particular problem, tests the child’s understanding, and corrects his errors. Since movement is an inherent factor in learning, many activities engage the child’s large and small muscles, his senses and his mind. Dr. Montessori recognized what psychologist Jean Paiget had since related, that the only valid impulse to learning is the child’s self-environment that set the behavioral example and offers the child stimulation thus disposing the child to learn by teaching himself, motivated by the excitement of the process, not the end product nor the teacher.